10 Benefits of Managed IT Services

1. Access to Experts

If you are not in the IT industry, most of the time you don’t know how to quickly resolve all of the technical issues that arise daily from your staff ranging from computers, servers, phones, printers, connection issues, lost files, and more.

Your business will benefit from managed IT services from StoredTech. When your staff comes across a technical problem, they can call the experts at StoredTech and get their workday back on track.

StoredTech has 13 years of proven experience providing managed IT services and IT solutions to partners and the community. We provide custom technology solutions for businesses of all sizes and across all industries including small and medium sized businesses, municipality and government, healthcare, manufacturing, non-profit, and enterprise size organizations.

“StoredTech is probably the easiest IT help company I have ever worked with. I never get an ‘I’ll have to get back with you.’ My issues are resolved while on the phone, every time.”
“As always customer service was exemplary! Issue was quickly and efficiently resolved remotely. Thank you!”
“Great job on the amazing response time. You saved the day – just in time for an important video call. WAY TO GO!!!”

2. Reduce Downtime

StoredTech removes the technical hurdles that disrupt your workday, so that you can get back to serving your customers. With one phone call to StoredTech, you get fast, friendly, and reliable IT support.

Having your network or equipment down is extremely costly to your business. The lost revenue when your business cannot operate fully functional can be determined with the following formula: minutes of downtime x cost-per minute = downtime cost. According to a RingCentral article, Gartner estimates that downtime can cost a small business $423 per minute, large organizations over $9,000 per minute. Downtime also negatively impacts your customers. They may become frustrated if they cannot reach you in a time of need or if your services are unavailable.

When partnering with StoredTech, you have 24/7 access to experts. We work to keep your business productive by resolving your toughest IT issues. Managed IT services from StoredTech gives your staff the professional support they need to keep your business running at optimal performance levels.

3. IT Partnership

StoredTech offers a true partnership approach. We offer more than an average managed service provider. We eliminate the need for multiple vendors since we offer all of your information technology, telecommunication, and security solutions for your business. We offer a faster, more agile customized client experience. We are there for every step of the process:

  • Planning

To help ensure your technology strategy supports your business goals.

  • Strategize

Need to solve a particularly tough challenge? Or have an aggressive goal to reach? We can recommend and implement solutions that support your objectives and fit your business style.

  • Execute

Does your business lack a full-time IT leader with the experience to manage the team through the needed initiatives? You can count on StoredTech to offer outsourced IT leadership. We oversee project execution and daily operations to ensure everything stays on track.

4. Secure Your Data

Could your business benefit from improved security? The answer is always, “Yes!” Our consultations always include a free site, security, and network assessment of your environment. Our IT experts get a high-level overview of your existing IT infrastructure and take note of any holes and unprotected resources. We implement a multi-layered security approach to keep threats out. Managed IT services keeps your confidential data secure by performing regular backups, restricting access, encrypting information, installing firewalls, malware and ransomware, software updates, and more.

5. Meet Compliance

Most insurance companies require multi-factor authentication or two-factor authentication in order to obtain cybersecurity. What does this mean for your business? MFA and 2FA gives an extra layer of security for your confidential data. Hackers can easily guess passwords and send phishing emails to steal your passwords. With MFA, you are required to give more than just a typical username and password. You are directed to add an additional form of identification to ensure proof of identity. Some ways of adding MFA are something you know, something you have, or something you are. Options include a PIN, personal security question, a physical device such as a smartphone with an authenticator app, fingerprints, voice ID, and facial recognition. We help organizations implement MFA to improve their overall security.

6. Lower Costs

When you outsource your information technology, you eliminate the need for an in-house IT department. These significant cost savings include salaries, benefits, insurance, equipment, and training. A one person or limited in-house IT department does not have the widespread of knowledge to handle all of your cybersecurity, security and access control systems, phone systems, hardware, infrastructure, in addition to everyday technical support for your staff.

Your business has the option to choose flat rate or hybrid managed service offerings that fit your needs and budget.

7. Preventative & Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

We are not a break-fix IT company. We provide remote monitoring and maintenance of your networks to protect against threats before they surface. Our IT experts work behind the scenes to safeguard your organizations data. Managed IT services is more than remote and on-site IT support. StoredTech manages your hardware and IT infrastructure. Our staff is protecting your business data with around-the-clock threat detection.

8. Scalability

Scale your IT infrastructure up and down as needed. Your managed service provider can easily add or remove resources from your environment as your business needs change. Moving offices or hiring a big round of new employees? Maybe your entire team is working from home for the time being. StoredTech can help your business scale within the cloud-based applications to enhance your business capabilities during heavy traffic times verses slower times.

When partnering with StoredTech for managed IT services, you’ll have strategic IT support and guidance to help your business grow. From selecting your business applications, to going cloud-based, creating a business continuity plan, and implementing a collaborative environment for your staff, we work to create an efficient and effective environment that your business will thrive in. We create an IT roadmap to plan out one, three, five, or even ten-year growth plans. When your business relies on technology for everyday business functions, planning out expenses and expansions is necessary. Our outsourced IT leadership can act as your vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer).

9. No Contracts

Is your current IT provider pushing you into a long-term contract? Don’t lock yourself in if you don’t have to. StoredTech never requires a contract for managed IT services. Our clients stay with us because they love us, not because they are forced to. It costs nothing to talk to us. Stay with us for a month or for years, but we never back you into a corner by requiring a long-term contract for managed services. So before signing that contract, give us a call!

10. Peace of Mind

Partner with StoredTech for managed IT services to keep your business operating smoothly. When outsourcing your IT to an MSP, you can focus on your business knowing your IT company will handle any and all technical issues that arise. StoredTech has the depth and knowledge to manage your information technology, telecommunications, and security needs. No two organizations have the same challenges, that’s why we offer custom technology solutions to meet your business needs. We focus on your IT, so you can focus on your business. Your Technology, Our Passion.