10 Tips for Hiring Talent Virtually

Over the past year, the majority of the globe made the overnight transition to remote work. With the transition, some teams have hired new employees without ever meeting them in person. Now, the entire hiring process is being done via phone calls and video interviews.

With the launch of our brand new recruitment website, HeroesHiredHere.com, and to help provide the best candidate and hiring experience, we’d like to share 10 tips for hiring remote tech talent.

  • Understand the Hiring Market: At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, several jobs were lost due to layoffs; however, the job market is picking up with the national unemployment rate dropping to 6%. The technology unemployment rate sits below 3%, so it’s important for hiring managers to understand the tech hiring market and what is needed to hire top talent.
  • Create the Right Job Description: Spend time creating the right job description. Ensure the responsibilities section is up to date, and you are specifying the correct qualifications to attract the right candidates.
  • Use the Right Sourcing Tools: Start by posting your job to the right job boards. The larger sourcing platforms like CareerBuilder and Indeed will drive you a lot of candidates, but it’s also a good idea to post open roles to specialized networking groups or local technology organizations in your area.
  • Don’t Forget About Social Media: If your role is remote, use social media to widen your reach. With LinkedIn, you can specify by qualifications, education, and previous experience and open the location to anywhere in the globe the role can be completed.
  • Focus on the Candidate Experience: With a low technology unemployment rate, it is vital to prioritize the candidate experience. Interviewing is a two-way street. Your HR team needs to focus on consistent communication throughout the process.
  • Promote from Within: When hiring for a new position, don’t forget to open up the role to internal employees.
  • Consider Technical Tests: To test for technical aptitude, use technical tests as needed.
  • Use Personality Tests: When hiring remotely, you may never meet your candidates in person. While video interviews can help replicate the in-person experience, it can be difficult to connect virtually. If you want, consider having potential candidates take a personality test to see how they would fit in with the team.
  • Stay Remote: While some companies are returning to the office, not all job seekers are comfortable with in-person yet or they may be leaving their current job to seek a permanently remote opportunity.
    To best serve the candidate, consider keeping the entire interview process remote.
  • Prioritize Great Onboarding and Training: Once your ideal candidate has accepted the role, don’t forget to provide a great onboarding process. Provide your new employee with all the tools and training he or she needs to be successful.

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