4 Simple Steps to Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Some of the most pressing questions business owners have when it comes to their technology often revolve around how to prevent cyberattacks – and for good reason. According to Malwarebytes, ransomware families have grown by more than 700 percent since 2016. 

When thinking about preventing ransomware attacks from targeting your business, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by your options. That’s why we’ve created a list of four easy steps you can take right now to lessen your risk: 

1. Conduct Regular Vulnerability Scans 

One mistake many business owners make is taking the “set it and forget it” approach to their cybersecurity. One of the best preventative steps you can take to prevent ransomware attacks from wreaking havoc on your business is conducting regular vulnerability scans. By doing this, you’ll always know where any holes or weaknesses are in your security and have the chance to close them before hackers become aware of them. 

2. Keep Systems Updated 

All of the important software you need to be productive is installed on your laptop, and you’re ready to get to work. You may be tempted to ignore the latest update for your software when it pops up, but outdated software can leave holes in your systems for cybercriminals to exploit. It’s critical that you start that download instead. 

3. Limit Admin Access 

Another easy step you can take today to start preventing ransomware attacks is limit who has admin access to your network. Simply ask yourself, “which employees really need access to my entire network?”. Once you know who needs full access, you can limit access to the rest of your team to help your overall network security. 

4. Train Your Team to Spot Scams 

Did you know that 90 percent of all cyberattacks are the result of employee error? It makes sense, too. All it takes is for a cybercriminal to target one of your employees in an email and wait for them to click on a bad link or download a corrupt file for them to gain access to your network. When you take the time to train your employees on how to spot bad actors, you’ll make your defense line even stronger. 

How StoredTech Can Bolster Your Defenses 

Maybe you’ve already implemented these security measurements and want to bring in back up to build an even bigger defense, or perhaps you’re not sure where to start and want to offload your cybersecurity to experts in the field. No matter where you’re at in your journey to preventing ransomware attacks, the StoredTech team can help you with our managed security services. Contact us today and get a free security risk assessment to get started.