5 Signs You Need to Upgrade to Unified Communications

Is your legacy phone system slowing down your team? Maybe you’ve had it for so long that you’re not sure whether it’s helping or hurting your business. Cloud-based phone systems like VoIP and hosted PBX allow you to connect your communications platforms and leverage a host of features to improve the experience of your employees, prospects and customers – but how do you know when to make the switch? 

Here are five signs it’s time to upgrade to unified communications: 

1. Your team works remotely some or all of the time.

Whether your employees get work from home days or your staff is scattered across the country, remote work is a reality of most businesses. However, remote employees can face challenges communicating with their team and connecting with customers and prospects. Unified communications solutions offer advanced call forwarding and mobile integration so your employees can use any Internet-enabled device to take a call while still showing their business number – even after hours. 

2. You’re looking for better ways to connect with your customers.

Who isn’t looking to improve their customer experience? If you’re constantly dropping calls or struggling to understand what your customers and prospects are saying over the phone, you can bet your audience isn’t having a great experience. Cloud-hosted phone systems boost your call quality for clearer, more reliable calls. Plus, virtual conference calling allows you to communicate inside and outside of your organization with high-quality audio or video conferencing.  

3. Directing your customers or prospects to the right person is a struggle.

No one likes to explain their reason to be calling, only to be told that they’re talking to the wrong department – for the fourth time. With unified communications, you can eliminate lengthy wait times and direct your customers to the right person the first time. Automated assistants minimize the manual effort of managing callers and offer your callers easy-to-follow options, while a centralized control platform makes it easy to change your settings as your business evolves. 

4. Your employees complain about a lack of collaboration.

According to Information Week, 62 percent of employees say improved collaboration is a top business driver for unified communications. Legacy systems can hinder the flow of critical data and information among teams, departments and locations. Unified communications systems link your communication tools – such as phones, email, SMS and video conferencing – for easier sharing across platforms. Leave the days of back-and-forth email chains behind and give your team the gift of productivity. 

5. Scaling your system up and down is a bigger hassle than it’s worth.

More employees mean more hardware, more installation, more wires – but it doesn’t have to be that way. Leveraging cloud-based unified communications system allows you to add or remove users within seconds, without scaling your physical infrastructure. Shedding your dependence on hardware has other benefits. Imagine your communications infrastructure never wearing out and needing to be replaced, because it’s all hosted in the cloud – helping you save money and future-proof your business. 

StoredTech’s unified communications and collaboration services provide reliable phone systems that leverage hundreds of features designed to improve the calling experience. Plus, our carrier services ensure you find the right phone system for your goals and budget. Contact us today to transform your business communications.