7 Apps to Help You Be a Better Leader

In the past year, businesses have upgraded workstations, migrated workloads to the cloud, and installed updated software across devices, but how much time has been dedicated to providing mobile applications for better productivity and leadership? There are almost 3 million apps available for download, and 70% of digital media time is spent on mobile apps. Apps are great for time-saving, to-do lists, and games, but what apps are top business leaders using?

  • Slack: Used by businesses of all sizes, Slack is a top-tier communication platform to keep teams collaborative and productive. For leaders, it gives individuals the ability to instant chat with different users and teams and has an easy file-sharing option. In a remote environment, it is a vital tool for leaders to stay connected with their teams.
  • Zoom: In the past year, due to the coronavirus pandemic and switch to remote work, the use of Zoom has exploded. While most leaders are familiar with Zoom or other video conferencing tools on their desktops, each of these platforms also has a mobile app. Having the mobile version of Zoom is useful if your home internet goes out or you need to take a call in the car.
  • Asana: Asana is a powerful project management tool that allows a complete look into projects and tasks within teams and subgroups. The app offers a high-level overview, so leaders can get a live look into the progression of projects, assign tasks, and make sure projects are meeting important deadlines.
  • CamScanner: While you might have a printer a home, it is unlikely your home office has the same tools as your office. One piece of equipment several users might be missing is a fax machine or scanner. The mobile app, CamSanner, replicates a bulky scanner by allowing users to scan documents on their mobile device to digitize and send them via email or text.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the most powerful business-oriented social media channel. With the LinkedIn app, leaders can stay connected with teams and other professional leaders in their field. It is an invaluable tool for networking.
  • Spotify: Background noise can improve motivation, mood, and productivity. Stay focused with Spotify, the mobile app that allows you to play your favorite artists, discover new podcasts, and listen to your favorite stand-up comedians.
  • Calm: To be an effective leader, you need to prioritize mental and physical well-being. The Calm app offers 5 minute to 1 hour guided meditations to help you center yourself before meetings or wind down after a long day at work.