8 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Your Business

StoredTech helps organizations of all sizes complete a digital transformation through cloud computing. When migrating to the cloud, your data, software and infrastructure are all moved to the internet. Our partners see an increase of efficiency and productivity when utilizing our cloud computing services. Our IT consultants make a customized plan designed to help businesses meet their goals, save resources, and make the workday easier by leveraging a cloud first strategy. There are several benefits gained from migrating to the cloud.

1. Security

Did you know that the #1 cause for data breaches is due to human error? Cloud services utilize advanced security measures including multi-factor authentication and data encryption to ensure yours and your customers data stays protected.

StoredTech monitors your network through managed cloud services to minimize downtime and disruptions. We are proactive by anticipating and mitigating threats before they occur.

Additionally, you will meet compliance by protecting yours and your customers critical information.

2. Automation

Automatic updates are performed to ensure all applications stay up to date. This means that your applications and network are always working at peak performance. Quick deployments ensure you’re not left with interference during your business hours from slow implementation times.

StoredTech schedules system patching to ensure your network stays at high-speed and secure. We maintain your cloud solutions to stay current.cloud computing accessibility

3. Consolidate equipment

Your business will be cutting down expenses on physical equipment by removing any extra servers, cabling, storage racks, and dedicated sever rooms that are temperature controlled. Cutting your overhead on expensive equipment helps reduce expenses.

Furthermore, your business reduces its environmental impact by not having to maintain and update hardware every few years.

4. Scalability

Within the cloud, you have unlimited storage capabilities. This allows businesses to scale up or down as demand changes. Your business will save money by only paying for the data storage it needs and uses.

Cloud services allow you to easily add or remove VM’s (virtual machines), storage usage and other IT resources online rather than spending weeks changing them with your old on-site infrastructure.

5. Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Is your business prepared for a natural disaster or cyber-attack? What happens if an employee accidentally deletes crucial information? You need reliable data protection to ensure your workloads are secure and recoverable. Eliminate the risk with StoredTech’s recovery solutions.

We protect your valuable information against ransomware, threats and catastrophes with around-the-clock monitoring. We routinely back up your data for swift recovery in case of a breach or loss. Our managed cloud services keeps businesses prepared by preventing permanent damage.

6. Accessibility

With cloud computing services, your entire organization can access business files and applications from anywhere in the world at any time with just having internet access. This is especially important in todays world where staff works remotely, offices are in different countries, and people work in all separate time zones.

StoredTech oversees the cloud solutions to guarantee a smooth deployment across the board. With our 24/7/365 help desk, you can get IT support anytime.

7. Collaboration

Team members can edit and view documents simultaneously allowing for real-time collaboration. Remote and hybrid staff will no longer be out of the loop, as there is less time waiting for others to share updated files.

Your business will stay well connected with Microsoft Teams. Video conferencing, meetings, calling and chat makes communication easy. StoredTech is a Microsoft Gold Partner, meaning we are the areas leading Microsoft Consultant.storedtech is a microsoft gold partner who helps deploy microsoft teams to keep staff connected from anywhere

8. Money Savings

What does it really mean for your business to save money with cloud computing? Cut long-term costs with physical resources and IT staff. We work with our StoredTech partners to plan, budget, design, and implement technology solutions at an affordable cost.

Going virtual means consolidating equipment, so the overhead cost is instantly lower. A single license can host your multi-tech solutions.

StoredTech’s cloud managed services means you don’t need in-house IT personnel. We take care of your system-critical solutions so you can focus on what really matters- your business. You pay a fixed monthly fee for managed services, so there are no surprise extra costs.

StoredTech is a Microsoft Azure Consultant

As Microsoft Azure Consultants, we ensure that your business utilizes all the benefits Azure has to offer including the 200 applications developed to help streamline daily operations. These features and services seamlessly integrate with your existing framework to support your business goals. Many companies in Albany, NY and Raleigh, NC have found our cloud computing services offer the solutions they need to enhance their growth.

We deploy, manage, and support your cloud computing applications and environment through our cloud managed services. We remotely monitor your network to safeguard against any potential threats.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have the expertise and tools to optimize all of Azure’s features. We help businesses use information technology to their full advantage. The cloud is the future – Are you ready to embrace it?

Move your business into the cloud!

StoredTech helps businesses go virtual with cloud computing services. We know that no two organizations have the same challenges. We provide custom technology solutions for each of our partners.

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