Azure Over AWS

What does it mean to migrate to the cloud?

Cloud computing is the migration of your data and infrastructure resources to the internet. Microsoft describes the cloud as a set of physical servers in one or more data centers.

Cloud services give organizations the ability to go completely digital. With just an internet connection, cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure includes resources like virtual servers, networks, software and databases plus data storage and access to innovative applications. Going cloud-based provides a digital transformation along with many benefits.

Cloud computing

Benefits of going cloud-based

  • Virtualization

Cloud migration enables your entire organization access to your business files and applications from anywhere in the world. Keeping your employees connected creates an efficient environment.

  • Cost

Cloud services like Azure and AWS offer pay-as-you-go pricing, so you get the best value for your needs. In addition to no longer needing physical equipment such as servers, storage racks, hardware and data centers, you also will see savings from no longer having to keep continual temperature-controlled, powered and secured rooms with IT experts needed to maintain them.

  • Scalability

Your organization will have the ability to increase or decrease the usage of storage, virtual machines and use of applications as needed. Having the right amount of technical solutions to meet your current demand is a great way to manage resources within the cloud.

  • Customized Solutions

We like to say, no two organizations face the same challenges. Meeting business goals looks different for every organization, which means their cloud migration plan should be completely customized. Cloud architecture offers public, private and hybrid options. The most common cloud computing services are infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (Saas).

  • Disaster Recovery

It is essential to be able to continue daily operations with no disruptions after a cyber-attack, natural disaster or human error causing a loss of data. Your data is backed up and protected in the cloud to eliminate risk of losing yours and your customers critical information.

I want to make the switch to the cloud, now what?

While there are many options for cloud software out there, the top two competitors are Azure and AWS. Azure is Microsoft’s cloud software and AWS is Amazon Web Services cloud software. There are some similarities and differences between both, but we want to show you why StoredTech is a leading Microsoft Azure Consultant.

We know you want more than just cloud-computing – you want a complete digital transformation. Azure’s cloud native modernization gives businesses the opportunity to redefine the way they do business. Use the tools and technology you already trust, with Microsoft Azure.

Why Azure?

Microsoft Azure LogoAzure was released in 2010 by Microsoft. In Microsoft’s words, “simplify migration and modernization with a unified platform.” Microsoft has been providing reliable products and services businesses for several years. Small, medium and large size businesses find that Azure is the best fit for them, based on the flexibility and wide range of services.

Azure offers more than a cloud platform. With Azure services you can track data analytics, app development, define big data and gain access to over 200 products. Some of the most popular Azure applications are Microsoft 365, Sharepoint, OneDrive and Azure AD that are all designed to help organizations solve challenges and streamline growth.

StoredTech as a Microsoft Azure Consultant

StoredTech is a Microsoft Gold Partner and a Microsoft Azure Consultant. Our high standings with Microsoft gives us the knowledge and experience that other IT companies cannot offer with another cloud platform. Our engineers are constantly updating their knowledge and obtaining certifications from Microsoft, proving they are qualified to be Azure consultants.

We provide our clients with a seamless transition to the cloud with Azure and help organizations utilize all features that Azure can offer. Our team of Azure experts work as partners with organizations from the very beginning stages to create a strategic plan to implement the cloud-based services.

With Microsoft Azure consulting services, we help our partners meet business needs, streamline daily operations and drive better outcomes. StoredTech delivers results before and after deploying Azure. Our managed services remotely monitor and maintain your cloud environment.

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