Best Apps for Password Organization

If you don’t have an established password manager for your team, there’s a high likelihood there are sticky notes with cryptic letters and numbers delicately attached to the edge of the laptops monitors of even your best-intentioned team members. Of course, they know “getting hacked” is always a possibility, but trying to remember every password to every one of your systems just isn’t realistic. So, they resort to the old school ‘write-it-down-and-keep-it-by-me’ method.

And while it’s easy to write off a more advanced method of password organization as too expensive or simply just too much of a hassle, having any of your business applications compromised by some nefarious characters can prove one of the most expensive missteps you could endure. Not just cost-wise, but also the headache and heartache of telling a customer you can’t service them today because you didn’t take the necessary precautions to keep things safeguarded.

To help any business – large or small – here’s a list of some password managers to seriously consider. And the good news is that most of them have a free option to see if you like it before you distribute access to your entire team.

Bitwarden – This product has a great security reputation. And its free version offers the most bells and whistles than any other on this list. With the premium version, you can share logins, passwords, memberships and more with team members. It offers Yubikey multi-factor authentication and storage space up to one gigabyte.

LastPass – Although there was a moment when this product did show some vulnerabilities within their application – oh, the irony! – this tool has proven itself over and over again as a great go-to option. Free option available. It has a great deal of versatility working on a Mac, Windows, Android, Linux, iPads and iPhones. It also offers great extensions for all the major browsers. Ease of use is great on this one.

1Password – Probably the most-used and most trusted platform today. 1Password allows you to access all passwords with one master password. You can also set up biometric authentication on any Apple product. There is no free version, but you can try it free for 14 days. It comes with 1GB of storage, and you can set up 2-factor authentication (2FA), if you want an added layer of protection.