Best Tech Jobs

The speed of technological advancements can’t be denied. And with each tech innovation comes new employment opportunities. If you’re wondering what jobs are hot right now, then this list is for you. Some take social education or experience to achieve, but that doesn’t mean they are not worth considering if you’re looking to level-up on your career path.

Here is a list of 4 of the best-paying gigs:

Web Developer
The primary responsibility of a web developer is to build user-friendly, aesthetically-pleasing web pages using coding languages like CSS, HTML and JavaScript. The demand for this position should maintain into the future as long as the world relies more on e-commerce and social media every year. The national average pay for this job is usually over $79,000 on average.

Application Analyst
An application analyst determines what the best systems are to run a business, and then they help select and implement them. Sometimes they may even help build them. Also included in the duties is to test and refine the systems over time. An AA earns close to $75,000 on average per year.

Digital Marketer
If you’ve seen an ad on Facebook or a post on social media from your favorite brand, most likely a digital marketing professional was behind it. The best work from a DM leads to conversions like downloads, clicks or purchases. It doesn’t always require a college degree, but in the competitive job market, even a certification can prove to be a leg up. The average starting pay is close to $40,000.

Cybersecurity Specialist
It’s no secret that there are hackers and that business information is regularly compromised. And that’s what makes the demand for this job so high. A cyber position is responsible for keeping all the computers, servers, and applications safe from malware, ransomware and even worse. It also includes making sure your business is prepared for natural disasters. A degree is almost always necessary, but starting pay is around $95,000, so a bit of studying is worth it.

So, if you’re thinking that moving into the IT world is a possible career move for you, hopefully, this list helps frame things up a bit. Any good job is worth the investment whether it’s time, money or effort hitting the books. In fact, just head on over to our careers section, as we’re always on the lookout for the best talent around! We also just won the Times Union Top Workplaces recognition!