Keep Threats Out

While surveillance systems keep an eye on your business, access control lets you manage who’s on your property. Our state-of-the-art door access control and video surveillance systems allow you to control and track who enters and leaves your premises.

You can also control which employees are allowed to enter specific areas of the building and even restrict it by the time of day.

video surveillance system
door access control system

Increase Your Visibility

You wouldn’t set your security system only to leave the front door completely open, so why should you limit your security plan only to prevent cyber threats?

By installing a reliable door access control and video surveillance system, you can keep your business safe from internal and external threats. Don’t spend the day worrying about who might be accessing your servers, arm your team with visibility.

Benefits of A Door Access Control and Video Surveillance System

Limit User Access

Significantly reduce the chance of human errors or disgruntled employees stealing data with controlled access.

Meet Compliance

Keep your customers’ confidential info safe by restricting access and detouring thieves from stealing data.

Save Money

Stolen or lost technology can cost you hundreds – we keep your tech safe with physical security options.

“StoredTech delivers the best in cybersecurity services. Knowledgeable staff with excellent customer service skills to protect and keep your business running smoothly. Nobody does it better.”

— Luke S.

Next Level Video Survelliance Solutions

Leverage multi-layered security and protect your systems from all internal and external threats.

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