Customized, Perfect-Fit IT Solutions

StoredTech listens to your technology challenges and goals. And, using industry knowledge, we create a strategic plan to help you meet and exceed expectations. Whether you’re trying to meet compliance regulations or need a new process that streamlines your operations, we’ll provide technology services that satisfy your industry-specific needs. Plus, our proactive support keeps you ahead of the competition. With a team of dedicated engineers on-demand, you’ll gain the resources you need to fully manage your IT solutions while fulfilling the needs of your customers. We’ll customize your technology services to help you overcome industry-barriers, meet goals and improve revenue. And, because we monitor your systems 24/7, you can rest easy knowing that your business is safe from threats at any point in the day.

Municipality and Government

From local and state to the federal level, your government entity faces rigorous mandates and ever-tightening budgets that make managing the day-to-day tasks feel nearly impossible. StoredTech takes over the complexities of monitoring and maintaining your municipality and government IT solutions so you can focus on bettering your community instead of tedious tasks like updating your Microsoft Word.

Whether you’re looking to increase communication and mobility or you need to enhance operational efficiencies, our municipality and government IT solutions improve the way you do business. We analyze your challenges and suggest technology services that will help you eliminate the hiccups in your processes. Plus, we monitor your systems 24/7 to keep your data protected from unauthorized eyes.

government IT solutions
healthcare IT solutions


Protecting your patients’ confidential information not only strengthens the trust of your patients, but it’s a HIPAA requirement. StoredTech’s healthcare IT solutions leverage proactive support and management to help you meet compliance regulations and streamline the way your organization operates. From restricting access to improving the calling experience, we’ll provide you with the right tech tools.

Your day-to-day is hectic and constantly changing at a moment’s notice. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a reliable technology solution to keep you grounded? Our healthcare IT solutions ensure your systems are working overtime so that you have what you need to take care of patients and communicate with doctors, nurses and other specialists. Plus, we actively monitor the status of your IT to prevent downtime.


It’s imperative that you not only find the most efficient way to do business – but that it keeps your project on-budget as well. That’s why StoredTech’s IT solutions for the manufacturing industry supply your business with the tools it needs to streamline operations, reduce overhead and alleviate hiccups in the production process. We’ll help you oil the IT gears of your technology solutions to work in your favor.

With services like cloud migration and virtualization, our IT solutions for the manufacturing industry help alleviate your carbon footprint by hosting your servers and other technology solutions from a virtual database. We’ll help supply your business with the means to overcome your daily challenges, improve revenue and generate growth so that you can improve production and stay ahead of the competition.

IT solutions for manufacturing
small business IT solutions

Small Business

Providing a positive experience to new customers and satisfying the needs of existing customers is a full-time job – and that doesn’t even involve the thousands of other tasks involved in growing your small business. StoredTech’s small business IT solutions give you the resources and tools you need to reduce overhead, improve ROI, meet compliances and streamline your business operations.

Whether you need technology solutions that support your remote workforce or you’re looking to reduce expenditures by enhancing your productivity, our small business IT solutions elevate your business to help you reach your goals. Our experts are available on-demand to troubleshoot technology problems, suggest new solutions, offer proactive support and leverage scalable services for a brighter tomorrow.


From leveraging and communicating with volunteers to spreading awareness about your cause and getting donors, you’re constantly juggling tasks and wearing different hats. But, do you have time to wear your IT hat and give your technology solutions the attention they need? StoredTech’s non-profit IT support manages your tech so that you can focus on the things that matter most – your charity.

Your technology plays a critical role in developing a positive experience for volunteers, donors and board members. Whether you need to strengthen your communications or provide a better calling experience to supporters, our non-profit IT support bridges the gap. We care about your organization as much as you’re committed to fighting for your cause – let’s leverage your IT to make your mission a greater success.

non-profit IT support

Benefits of Our Complete IT Solutions

Reduce Expenditures

Don’t let strict budgets stop you from having your systems protected; we help you reduce technology costs and improve ROI.

Gain Remote Maintenance

Outdated software can cause your entire organization to come to a halt – we’ll keep things running with active maintenance.

Protect Equipment

By implementing a multi-layered security approach, we’ll keep your equipment & systems protected, no matter what threats appear.

Limit Access

We’ll keep unauthorized parties from accessing confidential information to eliminate the risk of theft and non-compliance.

Connect People

By upgrading your legacy phone systems, we’ll make it easier for people to stay connected.

Get Real-Time Reports

Meeting compliance requires providing evidence that you’re adhering to regulations – we generate the necessary reports.

We Provide IT Support From Our Four East Coast  Locations

StoredTech has multiple physical locations throughout Albany and the Captial Region and up north to the Canadian border and Raleigh, North Carolina. In the event that our remote IT support services team can’t resolve your technical issue, we can quickly dispatch technical support staff to your office.

IT Support Albany NY


100 Great Oaks Blvd, Suite 116
Albany, NY 12203

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IT Support Queensbury


543 Queensbury Ave, Suite 5
Queensbury, NY 12804

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IT Support Plattsburgh


327 Cornelia St, Suite 105
Plattsburgh, NY 12901

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IT Support Raleigh


6404 Falls of Neuse Rd. Suite 203, Raleigh, NC 27615

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“StoredTech provides the best in IT solutions. Friendly staff with excellent communication. They help to keep your business running smoothly at all times. I wouldn’t trust my systems to anyone else.”

— Ben K.

Next Level IT Solutions

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