iOS 15.4 Due this Month

Your iPhone is due for some serious improvements this month. While each upgrade Apple does for their smartphones provides helpful features, 15.4 brings some real game-changers. It is currently out in Beta 4, so it’s not rolled out to the public just yet, but when it does shortly, there are going to be at least these 5 much-anticipated enhancements.

  1. New Emojis – If you weren’t able to express yourself effectively with the more recent stable of emojis, help is on the way. There are over 30 included in the new version, including a saluting face and shaking hands.
  2. AirTag Anti-Stalking – A much-needed change after some public scrutiny about how easy it is to plant one on an unsuspecting victim. Users will now see a new message during setup: AirTag is ‘designed to be detected by victims and to enable law enforcement to request identifying information about the owner.’ With even more support, it posts a warning that AirTags are not intended to track people without their consent and, if you do, it’s a crime.
  3. New Siri – The updated American Siri Voice 5 can be used across all phone interactions. The voice isn’t specifically male or female. A member of the LBGTQ+ community recorded it as another welcome step in Apple’s push for diversity and inclusion.
  4. Face Recognition – You can now open your phone with your mask on. It will be a toggle you can turn on in settings that uses a special identification algorithm for special features around your eyes.
  5. Login Assistance – It’s one thing to have iOS manage and save your passwords, but it was somewhat useless when it would do that without saving the username. The new operating system will prompt you to add any username to any saved password that doesn’t have one. This is huge for those who love the seamlessness of a single sign-on.

And this isn’t all, of course. There are always bugs and fixes that come along with any upgrade, but these are worth knowing about and will make your life a bit easier. Apple has an official list on its website for those who’d like to know more.