Large Non-Profit Organization Secures its Remote Workforce of 3,000

The Challenge

AIM Services, Inc. a Saratoga Springs-based non-profit, was experiencing exponential growth. Their in-house IT team struggled to secure and maintain the organization’s network infrastructure and managed remote access to upwards of 3,000 staff members. Providing technical support to thousands of employees overwhelmed their IT team and impacted the morale and productivity of the staff. They needed a robust, scalable IT strategy and support infrastructure to take the organization to the next level and provide the technical support their staff deserved.

The Solution

AIM Services partnered with StoredTech for managed IT services. StoredTech could meet their IT needs with the comprehensive solutions, expert advice and planning, and 24/7 services they provide.

StoredTech offers a wide range of IT services from network management to cybersecurity, data backup and recovery, cloud services, infrastructure installation and upkeep; essentially serving as a one-stop-shop for all IT requirements. Their team of professionals ensures that businesses receive high-quality service, while their round-the-clock support minimizes potential downtime. Additionally, StoredTech can be a cost-effective solution, offering scalability as the business grows and needs more advanced IT solutions. They also stay current with the latest technology trends and offer proactive maintenance to prevent issues before they occur, thereby enhancing overall system performance and stability.

The Benefit

AIM Services, Inc. now has the confidence that its IT Infrastructure and environment is secured against cybersecurity threats, it’s network is monitored around the clock, and system updates and maintenance are performed on a regular basis. AIM Services’ in-house IT team can lean on Stored Technology Solutions for their broad range of expertise. However, the most important factor in partnering with Stored Technology Solutions is providing the AIM Services staff with responsive support when the need it.

“Partnering with StoredTech has led AIM to be very cybersecure and very robust in providing information technology services to all of our 3,000 employees, allowing us to focus on our mission of helping people with challenges.”

Chris Lyons, CEO of AIM Services, Inc.

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