Mark Shaw Named on Times Union’s Upstate Business “Top CEO” List


Mark Shaw, founder and CEO of Stored Technology Solutions, Inc, has been named on Upstate Business “Top CEO” List by the Times Union.

Since opening in 2010, Mark has integrated multiple services to StoredTech, evolving with the ever-changing world of technology. He has led StoredTech to acquire several more companies and expand to 5 different offices throughout New York, North Carolina and the Philippines, growing the company to over 70 employees. His entrepreneurial spirit and passion for innovative technology continually drives the business forward.

“Mark is an inspirational leader who shows up every day willing to roll up his sleeves and dig into whatever challenge we are facing. He is fearless when it comes to trying new ideas and innovative technology, which consistently increases his knowledge in the business space and the way he approaches the organization as whole. While he wears many hats in the organization, he always is available for every employee no matter what. Whether you have a question, an idea, a problem; his door is always open. Mark is passionate and fun and has an uncanny way of turning anything into a joke that will make you laugh out loud. These are some of the qualities that create an alignment of strength and trust within the organization and make it easy to show up and do more.” -Katie Roeder, Vice President of Finance

Mark Shaw pictured with StoreTech Logo in the background

Congratulations, Mark!