Social Media Strategies

Growing your business online takes some persistence, luck, and skill. We can’t help with the persistence and luck, but we can help give you some pointers for how to put together a sound social media strategy to help bolster your sales and marketing through the rest of 2022.

It takes more than just throwing some ads on Facebook and hoping for the best. When you’re managing social media, it is important to realize that posts need to align with your overall corporate strategy. And you need to know what action you want your reader to take. Is it to visit a web page, watch a video, or share new, valuable information? Does your industry even need to market on social media? Not all do, so it’s important to know.

Here are some ways to think about social in some new ways this year.

Try New Features

Some of the most popular platforms like Instagram and TikTok are perpetually adding features. Some may be obvious changes and others more subtle. Make sure you’re aware of any new bells and whistles that are released, and make a point to try them early and often. Showing you have the savvy to master a social media channel can really resonate with potential customers.

Align with The Big Picture

You can’t look at your social media marketing efforts in a vacuum. It’s important to coordinate all of your marketing efforts as a cohesive plan. How does your email, blogging and other tactics blend together with social media? Over 70% of savvy marketers feel social media as part of a bigger marketing strategy is somewhat effective or very effective, according to Grazziti Interactive.

Partner with Influencers

Sometimes a boost helps, and you can get more traffic with a strategically-aligned industry influencer on your team. If there is someone with a following and voice in your world of business, see if you can strike a partnership with them. Have them endorse, show or use your product or service and then have them post about the experience. It could be a quick and simple – it won’t likely be cheap, though – way to power up your web stats.

Marketing budgets across most organizations are growing – and specifically in the webspace. And so much of that investment lies with social. So, it’s a good time to get your ducks in a row and get some super-charged lead generation with the power of tools like Twitter, LinkedIn and so many more.