Stay Productive from Anywhere – A Secure Remote Access Solution That is Better Than a Traditional VPN

Secure Access for Your Remote Workforce

If you have any remote or hybrid workers, then your business most likely uses a traditional virtual private network (VPN) to connect to the company’s network and resources. While functional, this setup has limitations including network congestion leaving end users with slow internet connections, inconsistent security policies, complex management issues with varying access levels, and scaling issues.

With remote and hybrid work becoming the new normal, companies are looking for innovative ways to provide secure remote access to their employees in and outside of the office. Do you find yourself wondering:

StoredTech’s new Secure Access Secure Edge (SASE) solution integrates networking and security into a unified, cloud-delivered service model to improve user experience for remote connectivity. Unlike the traditional VPN, SASE does not require manual connection initiation by users, allowing employees to access company resources securely and reliably. SASE uses Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), a security model in with access to on-premise and cloud resources are carefully segmented and monitored, allowing only trusted employees to gain access. ZTNA identifies, authenticates, and verifies each user.

Enhanced Security: SASE improves security by encrypting all remote connections and authenticating users, ensuring that sensitive data remains protected. Devices are checked regularly for security posture.

Increased Productivity: Employees experience better network performance with SASE, ensuring less disruptions or delays when accessing network resources, leading to a smoother workflow and higher productivity.

Cost-Effectiveness: The SASE solution eliminates the need for complex VPN infrastructure that typically includes hardware, physical storage space, temperature-controlled rooms, and ongoing maintenance.

Simplified Management: IT staff are relieved from the burden of managing the VPN setup, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives.

Scalability: SASE can easily scale to accommodate an increasing number of remote users and devices without compromising performance or security.

Businesses often face significant challenges in securing and optimizing processes for remote and hybrid workers. These complexities can be overwhelming for internal IT teams and lead to vulnerabilities. StoredTech specializes in providing tailored IT security solutions that address these specific challenges. By implementing SASE’s robust security protocols and providing continuous IT support and monitoring, StoredTech ensures that your workforce is connected securely and efficiently. This allows businesses to focus on their core operations, confident in the integrity and reliability of their remote access systems.

At the heart of StoredTech’s operations is a commitment to client delight. We believe in not just meeting, but exceeding our partners expectations through our wide range of IT solutions. By taking the stress out of managing technology and computer networks, we ensure that their clients can concentrate on what they do best – running their business. Our dedication to client satisfaction is what sets us apart in the IT services landscape.

Discover How SASE Can Work For Your Business
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