StoredTech’s IT Summit: Next-Gen Solutions for Our Clients

At StoredTech, we’re committed to staying ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving world of technology. We hosted our annual IT summit. The event brought together industry experts to discuss cutting-edge solutions that will shape the future of IT services for our clients. Our technology leaders convened to foster an environment of insightful discussions and innovative thinking. The primary focus was to address the evolving needs of our clients, and how we can leverage next-generation technology to meet these demands. The recent StoredTech IT Summit key takeaways were focusing on helping our clients navigate the complexities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Security.

Delving into AI:

AI is no longer a futuristic concept; it’s a reality that businesses must embrace to stay competitive. The Summit emphasized how we, at StoredTech, can help our clients harness the potential of AI.

  • AI Integration: We discussed the ways to seamlessly integrate AI into business operations, from automating repetitive tasks to more complex functions like data analysis and decision-making.
  • AI Education: Understanding that AI is a complex field, a large part of our discussion was dedicated to educating our clients about the technology – breaking down jargons, explaining AI’s potential benefits, and addressing concerns.
  • AI Strategy: We also focused on formulating effective AI strategies customized to individual businesses, considering factors like their size, industry, and specific needs.

Prioritizing Security:

Security, particularly cybersecurity, is a critical concern for businesses today. At the IT Summit, we dedicated substantial time to exploring advanced security solutions.

  • Passwordless Authentication: Improving user experience and enhancing security measures with FIDO2 hardware keys, passkeys, and Windows Hello for Business.
  • Security Education: Emphasizing the importance of awareness, we discussed plans to educate our clients about the latest security threats and how to safeguard against them.
  • Robust Security Infrastructure: We explored ways to build more robust security infrastructures for our clients and necessary elements, tools, practices, and policies.
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