The Best NFT Land Projects to Buy

The NFT marketplace has been around since 2014, and every year, it has been gaining popularity and promising huge profits. If you’re willing to jump into the sea of profits NFTs offer, you must know which projects to buy.

Since the Metaverse’s creation, the concept of buying virtual lands has risen. These virtual lands are often built and structured like NFTs. Within these lands, buyers can perform real-world activities.

Here are our top shares of NFT land projects you must look into in 2022.

The Silks project is a metaverse based on thoroughbred horse racing. This new derivative gaming supports P2E (Play-to-Earn) features that utilize each player’s existing skills. Silk creates a fascinating world of thoroughbred horse racing directly on the Ethereum blockchain.

The blockchain contains all the relevant information (bloodline tree and coaching performance and records) of the horses participating in races. While the racehorses are minted on the blockchain, the interesting part is the availability of virtual land.

The virtual land has more than 200K acres, and each of these acres is represented as a non-fungible token. Players buy this virtual land in hopes of Silk’s value increasing over time. It’s simply one of the best virtual land projects.

The Sandbox
The Sandbox was also made on the Ethereum blockchain. Here, users create game items in the form of NFTs due to their use of voxels – 3D pixels. Using VoxEdit, you can create game items, turn them into NFTs, and monetize them.

Using the local token ($SAND), you can buy the virtual land present on The Sandbox. Soon, you can even manage and lease your virtual land to other players and make profits.

Meta Mansions
This newly-released metaverse NFT project offers people the chance to make passive profits by buying virtual land on the platform. The digital mansions it hosts within the Keys metaverse are located on the Ethereum blockchain. Since these mansions are numbered, buyers can rent out these virtual properties and make money. The future of profits looks bright as Meta Mansions is looking forward to introducing more product placement features.