The Pros and Cons of BYOD

Even if you’re not aware of it, your business is probably already using some form of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. If your employees use personal mobile devices to conduct their work – even just to check emails! – you need to understand the benefits and risks of BYOD, and how to make BYOD work for your business. Read on for the pros and cons of BYOD. 



Most workers are no longer chained to their desks. Technology makes it easy to do everything on the go, from responding to an instant message to calling a client to editing a presentation. BYOD enables employees to quickly meet business needs after hours, while traveling or any other time they find themselves out of the office.  

Cost Savings 

Your average employee already owns a smartphone, tablet or laptop (or all three). This allows you to reap the benefits of BYOD without purchasing, deploying and maintaining devices for all of your workers. Plus, with the right policies in place, you can easily deactivate or wipe company data off a personal device when an employee offboards. 


Frost & Sullivan reports that employees experience a 34 percent increase in productivity when they use portable devices for work tasks. That’s no surprise – it takes far less time to pull out your smartphone than to boot up your computer. Some employees may even prefer the user experience of working on a phone or tablet. 


Security Risks 

What’s more secure: the network at your office, or the network at an airport? BYOD means that your employees will likely be hooked into networks that don’t have the same security standards as your business network. Without the proper security protocols, this opens the way for your confidential data to be lost or stolen. 

Lack of Monitoring 

While you monitor the activity of employees on your office network, it’s much harder to oversee and regulate everything they do on their mobile devices. You need special safeguards to limit unauthorized app installations and receive alerts when someone tries to log in from an unexpected location. 

Insufficient Training 

Your BYOD policies aren’t effective if no one follows them. Most companies don’t sufficiently train their employees on topics such as handling data on mobile devices, identifying and avoiding risks, and responding when a device is lost or stolen. Employees who lack the right training can easily turn BYOD programs into a liability. 

For most businesses, the benefits of BYOD far outweigh the risks – but you can minimize your liability with endpoint security management. StoredTech helps your team enjoy increased mobility and productivity without fearContact us today to lock down your mobile devices.