Wearables for Business

Apple Watch is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of wearable technology, but the breadth of options is growing every day. And it’s worth looking at what the future holds to see how you might pivot your company or simply complement an existing feature to leverage the uniqueness and opportunities that this market has to offer.

Beyond putting something on your wrist, here are other types of smart tech to consider:

  • Clothes
  • Glasses
  • Rings
  • Hearables
  • Implantables

And beyond measuring your steps for the day, these technologies can offer a wide array of benefits to customers. Things like increased productivity, improved speed, flexibility & agility, and many options for tracking are just to name a few.

When it comes to devices that can track, they can be used for things like transport, factory, and supply chain-oriented businesses. Monitoring the location and speed by which your team is operating on the warehouse floor, for example, would be a simple first step in realizing the benefits of this digital magic.

For glasses, the opportunities in healthcare are limitless. But imagine a surgeon being able to see a patient’s vital signs in clear view while operating on a patient. That real-time data could be the difference between life and death. Literally.

For urban delivery services, a smart helmet could be a fantastic investment. This headgear allows you to track location, speed, heart rate, and more. Logistics of all future deliveries will be improved, and you can help your bicycling delivery people find the safest and most efficient routes as well as create a sense of comfort in your team, knowing they are always findable in case of an emergency.

While there are so many benefits to tech that you can wear, there are also a few drawbacks as well. Battery life can affect how long a device can be used before a re-charge is needed. Sometimes, new tech can have bugs that need to be worked out, which can slow your ability to use the software regularly with confidence. And sometimes certain more rural areas may have spotty Internet connections. All that aside, it’s worth considering how you can innovate and stay ahead of the competition with these amazing new technology options.