What Is A vCIO & What Value Does One Bring To Your Business?

A Chief Information Officer plays a key role in businesses of every size. According to SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management, a Chief Information Officer’s job description is as follows: A CIO will develop, plan, and implement an information technology (IT) strategy that meets the companys business needs, delivers optimal return on investment, and maintains utmost security.


What is a vCIO?

A vCIO is a person or company that serves as a Virtual Chief Information Officer. StoredTech provides vCIO services for organizations who do not have an in-house CIO. We help provide businesses with a better way of handling their information technology, computer networks, technical infrastructure, security systems and phone systems.

As a vCIO, we play a key role in budgeting, planning and deployment of all IT. We pair our technology expertise and industry insights to help businesses complete a full digital transformation. StoredTech develops a comprehensive plan to improve efficiency and optimize performance.

When you partner StoredTech for vCIO consulting services, we are there every step of the way. We regularly meet with your essential decision-making staff to discuss strategy and high-level management. StoredTech is dedicated to helping you grow your business with custom technology solutions.

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What Value Does a vCIO Bring to Your Business?

Outsourced IT Leadership

We know that small and medium size businesses may not have the funds or needs to fill a full-time executive position of a CIO. Even with a an in-house IT person, they are limited and cannot possibly reach the same depth of specialists.

With StoredTech as your vCIO, you gain access to a vast range of IT expertise and resources. Our team of IT consultants deliver a higher level of services at a lower cost, compared to an in-house IT department. Our proven experience and skills allow us to guide businesses to achieve their business objectives by leveraging technology.

  • Site, security and network assessments
  • Budgeting
  • Network design
  • Infrastructure
  • IT team management
  • Implementing technology solutions
  • Maintaining technology solutions
  • Meeting compliance


Long-Term Partnership

We create long-term partnerships to help businesses solve challenges through technology solutions. Our collaboration with key stakeholders in the business helps keep the values aligned. StoredTech’s vCIO services ensure that your technology investments are being optimized to their full potential.

  • Build scalable networks and infrastructure
  • Allow for flexibility
  • Workflow optimization


Strategic Guidance

StoredTech provides strategic guidance to help grow your businesses. Our vCIO services uses our years of technology expertise to create strategic roadmaps that provide you with a better way of handling your IT, security and phone systems. We help businesses navigate through the ever-changing world of technology. Whether you are looking to solve a specific challenge or adapt an overall digital plan, we are here to help.Stategic Guidance

  • We align technology to help meet your business goals.
  • We keep you at the forefront of technology.
  • We create and implement a virtualization strategy.
  • Delivery of unique insights to stay ahead of your competition.
  • Protection of your networks with advanced threat detection.



Outsourcing your organizations information technology needs to a vCIO has several advantages and can typically save your organization money. StoredTech’s client-focused solutions help lead your business into the future.

  • Improve existing IT systems and software that may be lagging or missing essential components.
  • Get more value from your technology investments.
  • Streamline operations for improved efficiency.
  • Custom technology solutions tailored for your business needs.


We Make IT Simple with vCIO Services

With StoredTech as your vCIO, we make sure you are getting all of the benefits that technology brings to your organization. Our custom technology solutions are tailored to meet your needs and keep your team productive and efficient. Most of all, the solutions are sure to streamline operations in the most cost-effective way possible.

We provide value-driven results to our partners with the goal to be completely stress-free. Your Stored Technology Solutions, Inc. vCIO will work closely with your business to ensure your information technology is the best of the best! For all of your IT, security system, and phone system needs – StoredTech is your Virtual Chief Information Officer!