Why Your Business Needs an Access Control System

What is an Access Control System?

An access control system for your business controls entrance into a location. A door access control system is the physical security to protect your property, staff, and assets. Each door has hardware and a reader that enables a user to enter with the correct credentials. Authorized users can quickly gain access to an area, leaving business owners in control.

As your business grows, the need for physical security grows too. There are flaws and limitations of using a traditional lock and key compared to a door access control system. The most common types of credentials are:

  • Pin code or Password with a KeypadAccess control key fob
  • Key Fob
  • Access Card
  • Mobile Apps with a Barcode or Bluetooth
  • Biometric Devices – Fingerprint Scanner or Facial Recognition

What happens if a keyfob or card is lost? Simply deactivate it to revoke all access. Unlike regular keys that can used in a traditional locking hardware and used when lost and found, access control systems for your business elevate your security in several ways. Stay in control of who is accessing your company information and areas.

Person swiping an access control card over a card reader before entering an office door

Benefits of a Door Access Control System For Your Business

  1. Customized Security Solutions to Meet your Business Needs

Our scalable and customizable access control systems are designed to meet your security needs. You have the ability to limit users for certain hours of the day, or certain locations in your building. If permissions happen to change, you can easily change a users credentials. Protecting your business is critical as you cannot allow your financial documents, inventory or sensitive information in the wrong hands.

  1. Easily manage and monitor who has access to each location.

Limit the public and your staff to certain areas in your buildings. Safeguarding your building with an access control system is essential to protect your assets. Additionally, you can remotely lock and unlock doors, grant or revoke any users access instantly, and review your activity log via your phone or computer.

  1. Increased Security.

Protect your business by automatically locking your doors after hours or keeping certain areas confidential and off limits to everyone but necessary personnel. Credentials are customizable for each door, so you are in full control. An access control system for your business is the peace of mind you deserve.

  1. Keep track of who is entering and at exactly what time.

A door access control log is created for you to review and keep for your records. Get notifications via text or email to get real-time data and always stay in the know. System administrators use the logs to identify any problems in specific areas.

Person viewing laptop with access control log open

Why do I need an Access Control System?

Visitors, whether it be wanted or unwanted, may find themselves in places they are not supposed to be. The person entering may be harmless or trustworthy, but there is always a chance they do not always have the best intensions. An access control system for your business keeps your workplace secure from all of the people who may enter, such as:

  • Customers
  • Contractors
  • Employees
  • Thieves

Physical security solutions are necessary to protect your commercial property. StoredTech offers door access control systems that are at the forefront of technology. We use industry leading locking mechanisms and hardware. Best of all, each system is completely customizable for your business needs and preferences.

Minimize Negligence that leads to Data Breaches

Your business most likely has areas that stores confidential data. This may be with your customers sensitive information or your businesses highly classified details. These are not something that you can afford to have in the wrong hands as it would cause a data breach.

StoredTech helps businesses stay secure with commercial door access control systems. By limiting user access, it significantly reduces the risk of individuals compromising data. Controlling access will save your business money by protecting lost or stolen inventory or technology. An access control system for your business keeps locations secure. We like to refer to the 3 C’s of access control.

  • Cost
  • Compliance
  • Convenience

Access control card reader.

Physical Security with StoredTech

Physical security systems protect your business from internal and external threats. A door access control system combined with a video surveillance system allows teams to know what’s happening at all times. StoredTech believes in unified management for your business. Pairing technology expertise with business professionals and industry insights, we work to find the right fit for your business.

Our infrastructure solutions group helps integrate video and security solutions that give you the agility and scalability to grow as your business needs change over time. The technology consultants at StoredTech will assist with all phases of planning, design, budgeting, installation, and ongoing maintenance of your technology infrastructure. Our professional security installers are certified to meet the highest industry standards. Unlike a lot of security companies, StoredTech does not subcontract any work.

StoredTech is SOC 2 Certified by AICPA, meaning we “provide service organization management, user entities, business partners, and other parties with information about controls at the service organization relevant to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, or privacy to support users’ evaluations of their own systems of internal control.”

StoredTech is a trusted partner for all of your information technology and security needs. Prevent unauthorized access to your business with a door access control system.