What is Structured Cabling?

If your business relies on technology as part of its everyday business functions, then you can’t overlook the importance of structured cabling. Structured cabling is what connects your computers, hardware, phones, audio/visual, networks, and security systems. Structured cabling provides peak performance for your IT while also allowing flexibility for growth.

While we don’t usually consider the existing wiring framework until something goes wrong, it is a good idea to be one step ahead of the problem with structured cabling solutions. Low quality data wires can get in the way of your technology’s performance. StoredTech helps streamline telecommunications systems with our structured cabling services. We help your technology to run smoothy by making sure your infrastructure meets your business needs.

Benefits of Structured Cabling

  • Easy to scale
  • Avoid fires
  • No messy, tangled wires
  • High-speed connectivity
  • Updated cabling
  • Tested systems to ensure your network is running at peak performance

Structured Cabling Solutions

Structured Cabling has Modernized the way Businesses Stay Connected

With structured cabling, you can easily detect any issues when you have well-organized, neat, and labeled cables. In the past, you would possibly spend hours looking for one defective wire. What successful business has the time to waste when they have customers relying on them?

Cabling functions differ depending on speed and bandwidth. Outdated cabling can cause network interruptions, leaving your workforce out of service. StoredTech’s structured cabling services leave a cohesive space for your systems networks.

Different from the traditional point-to-point cabling system, structured cabling is designed to be cost effective, reduce downtime, and help with growth. We build out your infrastructure to keep your technology connected. Structured cabling solutions are designed to fit your business needs.

StoredTech works closely with our Partners to Create Custom Structured Cabling Solutions

Structured cabling is a critical part of your infrastructure, and therefore you should have a technology partner that has expertise in the design, implementation and management. Our structured cabling solutions include improving your existing setup, and the ability to expand for your growing business. Moving locations or updating your technology? StoredTech provides structured cabling services in Raleigh, North Carolina and Albany, Plattsburgh and Queensbury, New York.

Structured Cabling Services

Dependable Structured Cabling Solutions

StoredTech offers structured cabling solutions that your business can depend on. We will design, install and maintain your IT infrastructure. As a StoredTech partner, we keep you connected and support your communications.

StoredTech provides high quality installations for all of your structured cabling needs. Our on-site technicians have the experience and expertise to keep your business connected. We ensure your camera, phone and network wiring is reliable.

Data Closet Cleanup

StoredTech helps get your wires neat and organized. If your existing data closet and network wires are tangled – we can help.We understand how important it is to have a well-designed space for your structured cabling. Your data closet is the center of all your technology. Our technicians never leave a mess.

Cluttered cables can easily become disconnected, causing issues for your network. A data closet cleanup not only provides a facelift for your room but also makes it easier to identify issues as they arise. Disorganized wiring can cause fires and slow down your internet connection.

Before vs After of data wires tangled and cleaned up.

Build Out Your Infrastructure

Are you expanding your business? Are you moving to a new office? StoredTech helps our partners build out infrastructure that keeps technology running smoothly with structured cabling solutions. Structured cabling connects your information technology including:

  • Internet
  • Cameras
  • Access Control Systems
  • Computers
  • Phone Systems
  • Audio/Visual
  • Servers
  • Conference Rooms
  • + More

Looking for improved network performance with organized cabling and innovative wiring design? StoredTech’s Structured Cabling Solutions keeps your business connected!

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