What Level of Business Continuity is Right for your Business?

Your business is threated every day in one way or another. The list goes on, but to name a few:

  • Hardware or software failure
  • Natural disasters
  • Viruses and malware
  • Malicious cyber attacks
  • Lost or stolen devices
  • Accidental deletion
  • Human error

It is necessary to have a plan in place to continue working uninterrupted during challenging times. StoredTech works with businesses to establish a business continuity plan. We help calculate risks with a network assessment. From there, we deliver strategic insights to keep business services and processes running smoothly.

Creating a Business Continuity Plan

StoredTech establishes a business continuity plan alongside our partners to help plan ahead for uncontrollable situations. It is important that your business stays resilient through any challenge. Your business continuity plan ensures your organization can maintain essential functions and stay productive in the event of a disaster. We know how crucial it is to maintain fully functioning during unpredictable events. We help ensure your IT infrastructure is protected.

We work closely with our partners to create a strategic roadmap.

Developing a strategic plan

  1. Planning – Determine RTO & RPO, Budgeting, Crisis plan of action
  2. Implementation – Custom technology solutions, Virtualization
  3. Maintenance & Management – Testing, Perform backups, Ongoing security assessments
  4. Recovery Solutions – Swift restoration following compromise or loss

· RTO – Recovery Time Objective

RTO is the duration of time it should take to restore all applications and systems after an outage. RTO is usually measured from the moment an outage occurs rather than when the IT team starts working – the moment of the outage is when users and clients were impacted. The RTO should be established with the goal of minimizing downtime and the disruption of services. (source – Datto)

· RPO – Recovery Point Objective

RPO defines the point in time to which you will restore your data after a disaster. It limits how far to roll back your recovery and defines how much data your business can afford to lose before it affects productivity, revenue, and reputation. (source – Datto)

Disaster Recovery in the Event of an Emergency

The #1 solution for your disaster recovery plan should be enacting data backup services. With StoredTech as your managed service provider, we perform regular backups and store your encrypted data within the cloud for protection. Backing up your critical information eliminates the risk of losing your essential business functions.

In the event of an emergency, we quickly restore your data before the downtime can have an impact on your business. Disaster recovery planning is key to maintaining essential business functions. StoredTech helps minimize downtime with backup recovery services.

Computer showing data backup services

StoredTech is Here to Help Safeguard your Data

  • Managed Services

StoredTech helps keep your business prepared with managed IT services. We remotely monitor, manage and provide maintenance to your network. Our proactive approach to anticipate and mitigate online risks. We help keep your information protected while also meeting compliance.

  • IT Consulting

Our IT consultants work closely with your business to create strategic business continuity plans. Our goal is for our partners to have 0% downtime. We guide your business through the complex information technology world. We provide custom technology solutions to make your staff more productive, save money, and stay resilient in the event of a disaster.

Is your business vulnerable? Do you have a business continuity plan in place? Is your data backed up? If you are unsure about your business continuity plan, talk to an IT consultant at StoredTech. Our technology experts go above and beyond to remove technical risks and meet your business needs.

Our IT Consultants start your Business Continuity Plan with a Free Network Assessment.

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