What’s Missing from Your Security Strategy?

Quick – does your business: 

  • back up critical data off-site? 
  • comply with federal regulations? 
  • filter emails for malicious content? 
  • keep software and hardware updated? 
  • regulate access to your offices? 
  • secure and monitor mobile devices?

If you didn’t answer “yes” to all six, your security strategy has some dangerous gaps. Even the best security solutions on the market can’t fully protect your company if you leave other areas of your business vulnerable.  

For a comprehensive, end-to-end security plan, you need to incorporate these six services: 

Data Backup Recovery 

It only takes one power outage, natural disaster or cyberattack to erase months or years of critical data. Backing up data daily, weekly and monthly to an off-site or cloud destination ensures that you’ll never have to start from scratch. Data recovery solutions make it simple to retrieve that information and resume your operations with minimal downtime. The U.S. Small Business Administration found that 90 percent of businesses fail within two years of experiencing a disaster, so it takes advanced planning to protect your company. 

Compliance Management 

Whether you manage credit card informationconfidential patient files or other sensitive data, your business is likely subject to one or more federal data privacy regulations. A compliance management system helps you build a security framework that protects your data, so you consistently meet HIPAA, PCI, DFS and more. Achieving compliance regularly protects you from noncompliance fines – which can reach into the millions – and helps you cultivate and preserve a trustworthy reputation among current and potential customers. 

Email Security Solutions 

You’re bombarded with hundreds of emails a day, and suspicious links and attachments can easily sneak in undetected. Email security solutions help you use email more securely and productively. Spam filtering keeps potentially hazardous emails out of your inbox and stops you from accidentally engaging with viruses or malware. For dangerous emails that do slip through the filters – which is almost inevitable, given the sophistication of email-based cyberattacks – training your team on best practices can help them identify and avoid threats. 

Computer & Network Security 

Off-the-shelf antivirus software won’t stand up to the threats your business faces. Make no mistake, you are a target – Ponemon reported that 67 percent of small and medium-sized businesses experienced a cyberattack in 2018A strong computer and network security strategy should include monitoring around-the-clock for issues, applying patches and updates as soon as they become available, and restricting access to authorized users. These steps not only deflect threats but help you quickly resolve hardware and software issues that can lead to downtime. 

Endpoint Security Management 

Mobile devices are frequently overlooked in cybersecurity strategies, but unsecured smartphones, tablets, laptops and other Internet-enabled devices can present an easy target for cybercriminals. Decrease the risk to your business by limiting unauthorized downloads, installing malware and virus protection across all devices, and investigating logins from an unexpected location. You should also have the capability to track stolen devices and wipe them remotely to protect sensitive data.  

Door Access & Video Surveillance 

There’s no sense in protecting against cyber threats if anyone can walk in and access your equipment. A high-quality video surveillance system allows you to monitor employees and visitors to minimize theft. Access control allows you to decide who can enter sensitive areas, such as your server room, and track entry and exit data in case of an incident. Entry can even be controlled at different times throughout the day, so your employees only have access to exactly what they need, when they need it. 

StoredTech offers the full range of security solutions you need to shield your company against cyber threats. Contact us before the end of the month and we’ll conduct a free security assessment to locate vulnerabilities and recommend the right solutions.