Secure Your Work Environment With a Video Surveillance System

Securing any commercial space requires an integrated Surveillance and Access Control system. Business owners should invest in a quality commercial security camera system to ensure the safety of their employees, customers and business assets. A video surveillance system serves as a deterrent to criminal activity by providing a visible presence that can discourage potential perpetrators. Additionally, they can provide crucial evidence after an event has occurred, helping law enforcement identify suspects.

In addition to monitoring inventory and safeguarding against theft, installing quality commercial security cameras can help reduce insurance rates while protecting against baseless claims, deterring criminal activity, and fostering a safe atmosphere for workers and customers alike.

If you’re running your business without quality commercial security cameras, you might be asking for trouble. None of us likes to think about the “worst-case scenario,” but as a business owner, that’s sort of your job. Security cameras don’t just protect you from intruders or theft, they can let you know if there’s a fire or when a flood threatens your inventory. They let you talk to delivery people and can even help you communicate better with employees.

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Local Storage for Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance systems are only as good as their ability to record events. Security cameras can keep you up-to-date on what’s happening at your business, but the footage might be missed if you aren’t around to watch it in real-time. Recorded video is essential for reviewing later and may even become useful evidence if any crime takes place that requires police involvement.

Surveillance video can be saved locally on microSD cards and DVRs (Digital Video Recorders). This way, if something happens, you can watch the video later to see what happened. Local storage is also nice because you won’t have monthly fees associated with storing footage in the cloud.

Storing Video Surveillance Data In the Could

Storing surveillance video in the cloud also has its benefits. If your business experiences a theft or other incident, you can access the footage quickly, no matter where you are. Additionally, cloud storage is more secure than local storage, as it’s protected from physical damage and data loss in case of theft or fire. Cloud-stored videos can also be accessed remotely from any device with an internet connection; this makes it easier to check on employees and verify that everything is running smoothly at all times. StoredTech prefers storing footage in the cloud for additional data protection and accessibility.

Next Level Video Survelliance Solutions

Leverage multi-layered security and protect your systems from all internal and external threats.

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The Benefits of Commercial Security Cameras

Manage Security Threats

Our surveillance systems provide unlimited visibility across your business, decreasing the risk of criminal activity and safeguarding employees and resources.

Safeguard Your Data

Our cybersecurity and engineering teams work hand in hand to secure your sensitive company data at every stage of product creation.

Monitor Multiple Locations

StoredTech utilizes the best commercial security cameras that feature multi-location remote monitoring through one convenient interface.

Store Video Locally

Cut down the impact of bandwidth consumption by keeping your footage locally and sending encrypted thumbnails to the cloud.

Proactive Security Alerts

Video surveillance systems are designed to provide proactive alerts when a potential security breach occurs.

Maintain Compliance

Video surveillance is a key component for any business looking to achieve and maintain compliance with regulatory and industry standards.

StoredTech’s Security System Implementation Process

Implementing a quality video surveillance system is a critical part of your business infrastructure and security. StoredTech takes this responsibility seriously. Building a security system is a complex process that takes careful planning. Here is the typical process StoredTech uses for implementing a custom tailored camera system:

  • Discovery & Information Gathering
  • Identifying Technical & Business Requirements
  • Develop Your Video Surveillance System Plan
  • Implementation of your Surveillance System Infrastructure
  • Performance Testing & Rollout
  • Maintenance and Support

StoredTech provides a vast array of security surveillance services, including installation and maintenance. We understand how important it is to the safety of your business. We take great care in gathering information, identifying requirements, and collaborating with your team to develop a commercial security camera system that meets your needs and fits your budget.

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Our Commercial Security System Partners


Discover a Smarter Way to Ensure the Safety of Your Space! With Verkada, you’ll get an all-inclusive hardware & software package that prioritizes safety while making ownership easier than ever. Thoughtfully designed with convenience in mind, Verkada’s six commercial security systems product lines provide unparalleled clarity and oversight through one single interface.


Exacq Technologies, a business unit of Tyco, is renowned for its advanced video management system (VMS) software and servers used in video surveillance. exacqVision is the flagship VMS program that stands apart with its hassle-free functionality and availability on factory-installed hybrid video surveillance systems or as commercial off-the-shelf server packages. As one of the world’s leading pure play fire protection and security companies, it’s no wonder why more businesses are investing in this reliable solution from Exacq Technologies to safeguard their assets.

Digital Watchdog

Digital Watchdog is a leading provider of advanced video surveillance systems designed to meet the needs of businesses and organizations of all sizes. Their products offer a wide range of features, from advanced analytics and facial recognition to automated storage and cloud-based access. With their intuitive user interface, users can easily customize their commercial surveillance systems for maximum security and convenience.

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