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If your searching for cybersecurity Albany businesses depend on, the search is over. With more than half of employees admitting they use their work computers to surf the internet for personal reasons, it’s no wonder that cyber-criminals have had ample opportunities to access systems and networks. However, with StoredTech’s advanced solutions, your organization can limit user access and block malicious bad actors from infiltrating your defenses.

For your business, over-the-counter antivirus protection may seem like it is enough. But, regardless of the size of your organization, you need a multi-layered solution that leverages enterprise-level protection services. That is because antivirus software does not protect systems from threats like natural disasters, disgruntled employees, power outages or worse – but our computer and network solutions can.

cybersecurity Albany, NY
network security Albany, NY

24/7 Proactive Cybersecurity Monitoring

Keeping critical information protected means more than reducing risks and saving files – it is about helping you save money by meeting compliance and building trust with your customers.

Our engineers actively monitor and maintain your computers, systems, servers and other technology that keep your business and data safe. Whether you’re protecting against cyber-criminals or need to restrict access to unauthorized users, our network security company handles it all. As a result, you can work with confidence and focus on your business.

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Endpoint Network Security – Defend Every Device

Anywhere, anytime access to files and systems may sound great to most employees. And, while it is a good way to improve productivity, it is also an easy way to introduce more risks – whether you provide the devices or establish a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy. That is why StoredTech’s ESM ensures laptops, tablets and mobile devices can safely connect to networks.

Our ESM helps establish critical safeguards such as limiting unauthorized app installations, installing malware and virus protection on all devices and defining “geo-fences” which alert you to instances of someone trying to log in from an unexpected location. If devices are ever stolen, we can also wipe them remotely and recover them using GPS Tracking.

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Email Cybersecurity

Your email plays a critical role in your communications – that is why protecting your inbox is crucial. From spam filtering to email archiving, StoredTech’s email protection solutions keep your business safe.

Save emails as you need and want with traditional archiving solutions that extend your archiving capabilities. Plus, we can help you determine an appropriate encryption level that will keep your information protected and business compliant. We also train your team to recognize malicious threats and links. And of course, if you need help with anything, our experts are just a phone call away.

Benefits of Our Network Security

Located in Albany, Stored Technology is a leader in the practice of protecting an organization’s overall systems, programs, and networks from the external threat of digital attacks. Understand the fact that cyber-attacks are mainly designed to access, destroy, and to change the confidential information with the agenda of extorting ransom from the business.

Leverage Monitoring

Stop threats before you know they exist – our 24/7 monitoring keeps your business protected, even when you are on the go.

Control Access

Prevent human errors and disgruntled employees from harming your systems by limiting access and quickly disabling stolen or compromised devices.

Eliminate Downtime

Improve your recovery plans and productivity by defending systems from all types of threats.

Leverage Training

We will train your employees on endpoint and email best practices to keep their laptops, tablets and mobile devices safe.

Avoid Spam

Prevent hackers and bad actors from worming their way in with an advanced spam filtering system that keeps threats at bay and keeps all systems safe and operational.

Recover Archived Email

Your emails are kept in a secured storage facility to make recovering files from old emails quicker.

“StoredTech delivers! Knowledgeable staff with excellent customer service skills to protect and keep your business running smoothly. Nobody does it better.”

— Luke S.

Next Level Cybersecurity for Albany, New York City Businesses

Stored Technology is a strategic cybersecurity services provider that invests in growth inside and outside the business. Eliminate all of the headaches and become part of our team!

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