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You most likely have heard of cloud computing services. However, you may be wondering exactly how they can really benefit your business. Simply put, cloud computing applications enable your entire organization to access your business files from anywhere on the planet at any time. The cloud provides hundreds of applications designed to make your workday easier, more efficient and productive.

As we know, business owners do not always have the time or resources to oversee cloud solutions on their own. From deploying new applications to testing performance, StoredTech’s cloud computing services can take care of everything.

With our advanced cloud services, our experts assess your needs, and then based on findings, recommend the right plan of action. We can migrate the applications to targeted platforms, thus combining a new digital infrastructure with existing systems for a more efficient and hybrid environment. Not only will you save money, but you will also free up office space while eliminating storage and cooling costs.

As a result, you will see your staff’s productivity levels surge. StoredTech can help you move forward and take advantage of all of the great things a digital platform has to offer.

cloud computing services
cloud computing services

Effective and Efficient Cloud Computing Solutions

StoredTech provides enterprise-level tools that work for any sized company that are scalable as your business grows. Our experienced team helps you build a foundation for your organization. After the foundation is complete, the next steps are to plan, build, and migrate your whole operation to a fully digital platform. In short, we strive to help you accelerate growth and achieve better business outcomes.

Our knowledgeable staff ensures your cloud platform is set up right from the beginning, enhance the way you work, and safeguard you against any and all threats and risks.

Virtualization as a Service

Traditional infrastructures leave a lot to be desired and don’t provide the scalability required by the increasingly digital world.

With StoredTech’s virtualization as a service, you will get the benefits of digitized solutions to expand storage capabilities and make it easier to keep everything connected. By creating a centralized environment, you can easily oversee and monitor your computers, storage and systems.

Whether you are looking to expand your server space, oversee different cloud environments or regain control of your expenditures, virtualization as a service leverages cloud technology to make working with your systems easier. Reduce your carbon footprint by minimizing equipment and energy usage, and eliminate the costs and headaches associated with needing multiple servers.

cloud services

Benefits of Our Cloud Computing Services

“Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially information storage and computing power, without direct active engagement by the end user.”

Streamline Installations

A digital environment reduces deployment times and makes configuring and updating your solutions a breeze.

Lower Costs

Virtualization uses a single license to virtually host your multi-tech solutions – reducing pricey maintenance and electric bills.

Expand Storage Space

By hosting your solutions, we will free up your server space and make it easier to scale your storage space to fit your needs.

“Best company ever! This company has the best people doing the best job!”

— Robert B.

Next Level Cloud Computing Services

Let StoredTech help you increase uptime, reduce risks, and most importantly, innovate faster – all on a reduced budget.

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