Cloud Managed Services – A Better Way To Manage Technology

You most likely have heard of cloud managed services. However, you may be wondering exactly how they can really benefit your business. Cloud computing applications enable your entire organization to access your business files from anywhere on the planet at any time. The cloud provides hundreds of applications designed to make your workday easier, more efficient and productive. Businesses also like the “pay as you go” pricing model.

As we know, business owners do not always have the time or resources to oversee cloud infrastructure on their own. From deploying new applications to testing performance, StoredTech’s managed cloud service can take care of everything.

With our managed cloud services, our technicians will review your needs, and then based on our findings, recommend the right plan of action. We can migrate your business applications to the cloud, or set up new platforms to make your workflow more efficient.

With StoredTech, you’ll not only see an improvement in your staff’s productivity, you will no-longer have the headaches of maintaining your technology infrastructure.

cloud managed services
cloud computing services

Efficient Cloud Computing Solutions

StoredTech provides enterprise-level managed cloud services for any sized organization that will scale with your business needs. Our IT consultants make a customized plan designed to help businesses meet their goals, save resources, and make the workday easier by leveraging a cloud first strategy. We will ensure your cloud infrastructure is set up right from the beginning, improving your staffs performance, network security and disaster recovery time. Cloud managed services means just that, our technicians will be on standby to provide maintenance and support as needed.

Benefits of Cloud Computing Services


Did you know that human error is the most common cause of data breaches? To protect yours critical data, cloud services use advanced security techniques such as multi-factor authentication and data encryption. These measures can also help your organization meet security and compliance requirements.


With StoredTech’s cloud managed services software updates and security patches are scheduled to run during off-hours and performed automatically to ensure applications stay safe and up to date. This means that your servers, applications and network are always working at peak performance.

Disaster Recovery

Cloud computing simplifies the process of implementing a robust disaster recovery strategy and doesn’t require a large upfront investment for software platforms and storage. Additionally, cloud managed services are more reliable and easier to maintain than traditional on-premise solutions.


With cloud services you can scale technology requirements as your business expands or contracts. Spinning up a new server can be done quickly and affordable. Adding additional applications, services or storage becomes a matter of configuration as opposed to procurement.


Cloud computing services gives your entire organization access to business files and applications from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. In todays world staff can works remotely and in separate time zones. Accessibility is critical.


Cloud infrastructure replaces the need for expensive equipment that becomes obsolete every 4-years. VMware has made physical servers, and network equipment a thing of the past along with the need for power conditioning and climate controlled server closets.


With team collaboration features, users can edit and view documents at the same time which allows for instantaneous sharing of updates. Gone are the days where remote staff falls behind because they have to wait on others to email them updated files.

Money Savings

StoredTech’s cloud managed services eliminate the need for in-house IT staff. We manage your system-critical solutions so you can concentrate on what matters most: your business. You pay a set monthly fee for managed services, so there are no hidden fees.

Managed Colud Services
Let’s discuss how we can put cloud services to work for your business.

Why Choose StoredTech for your Cloud Services Provider?

Storedtech is a Microsoft Azure Gold Partner, which means we have the experience and expertise to be your managed cloud service provider. We have a wide range of services and will help you get the most from your investment in software as a service and cloud infrastructure.

We work with you:

We’ll work with you to develop a strategic roadmap tailored to your business needs and implement cloud services that will make your staff more productive.

We make it seamless:

We want to help make the migration of your managed cloud infrastructure seamless. At StoredTech, we know how to make it work. And most importantly, we know how to make it work for you. We want to save you time and money, by getting it right the first time.

We help businesses to the cloud:

Our goal is to help businesses to the cloud. At StoredTech we assess, we architect, and then we implement. When your company partners with StoredTech a relationship is built based on mutual respect and our desire for your business’s success.

Our Managed Cloud Consultants will help you with:

  • Deployment planning and implementation of cloud resources
  • Strategic roadmap development
  • Optimizing your use of a wide range of services
  • Monitoring and reporting on your applications and infrastructure
  • Support and maintenances

Microsoft Azure Consulting

Azure is a cloud platform as a service consisting of more than 200 products and services that can assist you in creating business solutions for securing and streamlining operations. You have the freedom to build, run, and manage apps across public cloud or hybrid cloud solutions — it’s all up to you. As Microsoft Azure Consultants, StoredTech will help your business leverage the benefits of everything Azure has to offer.

StoredTech is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has provided Azure cloud managed services since 2010.

Azure Consulting Albany NY, Raleigh NC
Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

As one of the most popular cloud managed services, Microsoft 365 has helped thousands of businesses simplify the process of implementing, licensing, maintaining and securing some of the most widely used business applications. Software as a service allows organizations to manage file storage, file access and privileges, collaborate and much more at affordable prices. StoredTech can help migrate your business to Microsoft 365.


Microsoft Sharepoint

SharePoint is a widely used cloud service that is often coupled with Microsoft 365. This platform as a service is often used to replace corporate file servers as it allows for file storage and retrieval, as well as tracking, management, and reporting on electronic documents and records. SharePoint provides a web-based platform that can be used to share documents, ideas, and insights with colleagues. It also helps to keep track of project milestones, deadlines, and tasks using its built-in workflow management capabilities.

Azure Consulting Albany NY, Raleigh NC
Let’s discuss how we can put cloud services to work for your business.

Virtualization as a Service

When compared to cloud computing, traditional server infrastructure doesn’t provide the required scalability or abilities that are needed in today’s digital world. StoredTech can take your traditional servers and convert them into virtual machine (VM’s) that will simplify managing and securing these environments. Virtualizing your server infrastructure will have significant cost benefits all while reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

The benefits of virtualizing your infrastructure:

  1. Significant cost savings
  2. Security and compliance requirements become easier to mange
  3. Expand and contract server resources as needed
  4. Simplifies disaster recovery strategies
  5. Reduces your companies carbon footprint
cloud services

Benefits of Our Cloud Computing Services

“Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially information storage and computing power, without direct active engagement by the end user.”

Streamline Installations

A digital environment reduces deployment times and makes configuring and updating your solutions a breeze.

Lower Costs

Virtualization uses a single license to virtually host your multi-tech solutions – reducing pricey maintenance and electric bills.

Expand Storage Space

By hosting your solutions, we will free up your server space and make it easier to scale your storage space to fit your needs.

Let StoredTech Take Your Business to the Cloud

Cloud managed services can help businesses to save time and money by simplifying the process of implementing, licensing, maintaining and securing business applications. Additionally, cloud managed services can help to improve performance, monitor networks, computers and storage systems, and make it easier to meet security and compliance requirements.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“StoredTech provides top-notch IT consulting services. I literally could not have gotten my business up and running without their technology expertise.”

— Chris R.

“Anthony was wonderful! He was prompt and knowledgeable and most of all, he understood our sense of urgency which is very important given we can not provide the appropriate member experience unless our studio is operating properly. Anthony truly understood our needs and we appreciate his efforts to help us get up and running in a timely manner.”

— Brittany

“We have been nothing more than absolutely pleased with your services to our town thus far. We lost connection with our computers and phones late yesterday evening and we resigned ourselves to having to look into it the next business day. Shortly thereafter, I receive an email from StoredTech that you guys noticed the issue and had promptly found the source and had a solution in place. Thank you!”

— Town of Broadway,

“Everyone working at StoredTech is very professional and easy to work with. I have found techs understand what is needed even though I may not explain it well.”

— Theresa,

“Fast call back, knowledgeable staff, efficient handing of issue.”

— Darci,

“As always, competent and polite expertise.”

— Antoinette,