Cyberattacks – It’s Not IF, It’s WHEN

Cyber threats are no longer a ‘potential’ problem, but an inevitable reality. It is not a matter of IF your business will be targeted, but WHEN. Business owners must stay proactive rather than reactive, and adopt a robust cybersecurity posture to safeguard our businesses.

Understanding the Threat Landscape

Cyberattacks are growing in sophistication and frequency. These attacks can manifest in various forms, such as phishing, malware, ransomware, or direct hacking attempts. The risks of a successful attack can lead to:

  • Devastating financial loss
  • Extended downtime
  • Damage to reputation
  • Loss of customers
  • Regulatory fines

Staying Prepared with a Cybersecurity Checklist

Cyberattacks are a prevalent threat to all businesses, irrespective of their size or the industry they belong to. The first line of defense against these cyber threats is understanding the risk and acknowledging the inevitability of a cyberattack. Once this is accepted, the focus can shift to implementing effective security measures and planning how to respond when an attack happens. Your business should partner with a managed services provider (MSP) like StoredTech who can implement these robust cybersecurity measures.


Firewalls act as the first line of defense in network security by controlling internet traffic coming into and flowing out of your business.

Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware

Software that protects your systems from malicious software like viruses, ransomware, and spyware should be installed on all devices.

Data Encryption

Your information is encoded into a format that cannot be understood by an unauthorized user. The data can only be decrypted and returned to its original form using a specific key, ensuring that even if the data is intercepted during transmission, it remains secure and unreadable to anyone without the key.

Secure Wi-Fi Networks

Secure Wi-Fi networks are wireless networks that have encryption and authentication measures in place to protect the data transmitted over them. These networks require a password for access, and the data sent across such networks is encrypted to prevent unauthorized users from intercepting or understanding it.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Identity and access management solutions add an extra layer of security by requiring multiple pieces of evidence before granting access to systems. A simple username and password are no longer enough to protect important business data. Additionally, most insurance companies require MFA in order to obtain necessary cyber insurance.

Mobile Device Management

This helps secure and manage employees’ mobile devices to prevent unauthorized access to company data and enforce company polices. Just as each company owned computer is being protected, all mobile devices should be too.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

VPNs provide a secure connection to your business network for remote workers. Data transmitted across the network is encrypted and safe from interception.

Employee Education

Your employees are the first line of defense against cyber threats. Cybersecurity awareness training helps train your staff to recognize suspicious emails and links. This on-going educational program equips employees with the knowledge and skills to recognize and avoid cyber threats such as phishing, malware, and ransomware. It aims to create a secure environment by promoting best practices for protecting sensitive information and maintaining your organization’s cybersecurity defenses.

The extensive and complex list of IT security solutions necessary to protect your IT infrastructure and sensitive business data can seem daunting. StoredTech is here to shoulder that responsibility for you. We understand the constantly evolving threat landscape and employ advanced tools and best practices to ensure your systems are secure. By partnering with StoredTech, you can rest assured that your cybersecurity needs are comprehensively covered, letting you focus on your core business functions.

Work with an MSP That Makes Your Business Better

In the dynamic world of technology, managing your IT infrastructure can be a daunting task. It requires not only technical expertise but also significant time and resources. This is where StoredTech comes into play. Our goal is to make your business better by handling your IT needs, so you can focus on what matters most – your core business.

Our team of IT experts is dedicated to understanding your unique business needs and delivering tailor-made IT solutions that align with your strategic goals. We are not just your IT service provider; we are your IT partner. Our round-the-clock support ensures your IT systems are up and running smoothly at all times.

Apart from technical support, StoredTech also provides strategic IT consulting. We assist in planning and implementing IT strategies that align with your business goals and future growth. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest technology trends and provides recommendations on how to leverage them to gain a competitive edge.

In terms of cybersecurity, StoredTech provides robust security measures to protect your business data and IT infrastructure. In this era where data is the new gold, safeguarding it should be a top priority for every business. Remember, the cost of preventing a cyberattack is always less than the cost of recovering from one. Stay safe and secure in the digital world.