StoredTech is Making After-Hours IT Support More Affordable Than Ever

Exciting news! Say goodbye to high-cost after-hours IT support charges starting Monday, October 9th, 2023.

StoredTech is revolutionizing the way you experience our IT support services, making it more user-friendly and affordable than ever! No more worrying about high after-hours costs for remote support – we’re now offering 24/7 assistance at one reasonable price. StoredTech engineers are here to provide round the clock support to assist you with your tech needs, because we understand that problems don’t always follow business hours. Enjoy our quality support, anytime, without breaking the bank!

Almost all managed service providers charge extra for IT support needed outside of normal business hours. Even StoredTech used to charge a premium for after-hours support. Now we can happily say we are doing away with the upcharge for after-hours support at StoredTech! We offer our IT support services for the same price, no matter the time! Please note that this only applies to our remote help desk. Onsite visits after hours will have an additional charge.

When choosing the right Managed Service Provider, remember the top differences between StoredTech and “the other guys.”

No Contracts

StoredTech has revolutionized the IT service industry with our no-contract approach. Our clients stick with us because of our commitment and expertise, not because they are forced by a long-term contract. We pride ourselves on providing fanatical client delight as we create long-term partnerships.

We Never Outsource

When you have a question of need assistance, you will be able to pick up the phone and speak to a friendly, knowledgeable technician that can help solve your problem. You will always be speaking with a StoredTech employee. No more waiting on hold for hours or being transferred to someone that doesn’t have a clue how to help you.

No Up-Charge for After-Hours Support

Our business model is designed to provide reliable, 24/7 support to our clients at no additional cost. Regardless of whether a tech issue arises during standard business hours or in the middle of the night, StoredTech is committed to resolving the problem promptly and efficiently, without imposing any additional after-hours fees. This approach demonstrates their commitment to customer satisfaction and their understanding of the unpredictability of tech issues.

Client Delight

At StoredTech, client delight is paramount to all else. StoredTech’s business model focuses on managing our client’s technology in a proactive manner with a goal of 0% down time. Without technology concerns, our clients have more time to focus on the business processes that make them successful. We are always at our client’s disposal and here to make IT easier.

Welcome to the future of IT – where your convenience is our priority!

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