Structured Cabling Solutions to Get Your Business Connected

Whether you are building a new location or want to upgrade your existing offices, StoredTech can help design, deploy, and take care of your structured cabling systems to handle your growing business best.

Cabling infrastructure is critical for streamlining communication systems, ensuring efficiencies and performance, and is the backbone of grid efficiency. Old or new, our team can wire your building for the 21st century. We will ensure everything works together so your new surveillance cameras will not bog down your business applications and your server room will not catch fire from crossed wires.

You need a structured cabling system that allows your business flexible growth and digital connectivity. Our design and installation solutions organize your cabling to improve productivity. You can rest assured that we get the job done right and never leave a mess behind.

Next Level Structured Cabling & Design Solutions

We are focused on your satisfaction and wiring needs. Our experienced installation experts provide affordable, state-of-the-art systems that are guaranteed to keep you connected!

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Cabling Solutions You Can Rely On

StoredTech can provide cabling solutions to a wide range of industries. Our clientele includes small offices, manufacturing, government, healthcare, law offices, and many more. Beyond these industries, we can also carry out any small, medium, or large commercial installation you need.

Your organization needs a structured cabling system that gives your business flexible growth in telecommunications, security, and digital connectivity. We only use top-quality cabling components from industry-leading vendors to ensure the integrity of your systems.

Benefits of Our Structured Cabling Solutions

In telecommunications, structured cabling is building an infrastructure consisting of several standardized smaller elements called sub-systems. Structured cabling components include twisted pair and optical cabling, patch panels, and patch cables. It keeps your business connected.

Tested Systems

We test your cabling infrastructure post-deployment and periodically to ensure it runs at peak performance.

Updated Cabling

We will keep your wires up-to-date so they never slow down your systems or cause a fire hazard.

Improved Performance

Implementing a well-planned structured cabling solution will improve productivity across telecommunication systems, servers, desktops, wireless networks, and remote access, allowing your team to work efficiently.

Let’s discuss how we can put Structured Cabling to work for your business.

StoredTech’s Structured Cabling Process

Structured cabling is the critical infrastructure that puts information at your fingertips. Building a smart structured cabling system is a complex process that takes careful planning. Here is the typical process StoredTech uses for implementing custom tailor structured cabling solutions:

  • Discovery & Information Gathering
  • Identifying Technical & Business Requirements

  • Develop your Structured Cabling Plan
  • Implementation of your Structured Cabling Infrastructure
  • Performance Testing & Rollout

  • Maintenance and Support

StoredTech provides a vast array of Ethernet cabling services, including installation of new wiring, repairs, and maintenance. We understand how important it is to the efficiency of your business, and we take great care in gathering information, identifying requirements, and collaborating with your team to build and develop your cabling plans. We can even help solve WiFi black spots in your business with as little as one single cable.

Structured Cabling FAQs

Structured cabling is an organized method of installing and maintaining various communication networks, such as data, voice, and video. The physical components associated with these systems include cables, connectors, and other equipment. Furthermore, it encompasses the organizational frameworks used to manage or troubleshoot network issues quickly. StoredTech aims to create a dependable system that’s easy to implement and modify while ensuring troubleshooting remains swift should any problems arise.

There are a variety of components and equipment that make up a structured cable system, including the following:

  • Cables: Cables are indispensable for transmitting data and power, as these physical wires provide an essential connection between gadgets. Structured cabling consists of various cables, such as copper and fiber optics, that grant us access to our favourite technologies.
  • Connectors: These devices connect the cables to the devices and equipment. They can be plug-and-socket connectors, or they can be more complex devices like patch panels or hubs.
  • Patch Panels: These are devices that allow you to connect different cables. They typically have several ports, each of which can be connected to a different cable. They are used to organize and manage the cables in a structured cabling system.
  • Racks and Cabinets: These physical structures hold the devices and equipment in a structured cabling system. They provide a secure and organized environment for the devices and equipment.
  • Cable Management: Cable management refers to the various tools and techniques used to organize and manage the cables in a structured cabling system. This can include things like cable ties, conduits, and cable trays.

Structured cabling is essential for businesses and organizations of all sizes. It provides the infrastructure to effectively utilize various communication networks, from voice and data transmission to video streaming. It provides reliable connections and allows organizations to scale up their systems as needed without investing in new materials or equipment.

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